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Clayton County Animal Control announced on friday that they were euthanizing 25 innocent and sweet dogs. Why? Because there was no space left for them. Rescues had 4 days to find a way to get all 25 out. These are all of the 12 dogs that we rescued on Tuesday from ccac! We originally only picked the amount of dogs that we had foster homes prepared for but when I heard they only had an hour left to live and there were still 3 dogs left I immediately got into my car and drove down there. By the time I got there another rescue stepped up and rescued two of them and I pulled the other.


We are in urgent need of fosters or adopters! If we can’t get them all into foster homes or adopted by this weekend they will have to stay in boarding. Its better than a shelter but its still not the life they deserve. The last row have been adopted. If interested in fostering or adopting please message email me at

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