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Read his story below 

Someone dropped a very abused dog off with Caitlin’s Vine Of Bravery and told them he has gone weeks without any food. The people who dropped Cain off gave a very strange and vague story. They said that the owner left Cain at his mother-in-laws house while they went on vacation and when they came back he was covered in acid burns… Really? Rescuers knew they were hiding something but also knew they needed to take Cain before any more abuse was done. Founder of CVB called the police to report the abuse.

He is so underweight and has not been fed for who knows how long. Someone poured Acid all over his back and head. The acid ate away at his backbone and absorbed internally causing major damage to his spine and GI track. This is one of the worst acid burn cases we have seen.

Cain’s poor little back looks all twisted up. It could be from an infection from the chemicals or from abuse. Rescuers immediately took him to the vet and he is on a lot of medications to help get his tummy feeling better and his nerve pain to go away.

The vet said that he should have had surgery once it happened but its already too healed to fix. He will have arthritis and nerve pain for his whole life. This does not mean he cannot have a wonderful and full life with the right care and medication. The acid caused him GI issues but with medicine it can clear up. His doctor recommends getting laser treatments on his back to help with hair growth, nerve damage and scar tissue. They also said it might take away some of his pain. Please help us give this boy the treatments he needs.

We have created this page to help C.V.O.B. raise the funds needed to give Cain’s the laser treatments he needs. Please will you help us? With your help this innocent victim of abuse and neglect can survive! Get your Cain shirt, hoodie, tote bag or bracelet and give him the second chance at life he deserves! No one deserves the torture he has gone through but I know he can make it through this!