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#EmbarkWithUs for canine health and to support my animal rescue! Take part in Embark’s fun research surveys that aim to help advance canine healthcare, and they donate $1 to my rescue!

I am so excited to be involved in Embark’s new campaign, which involves dog lovers embarking together to revolutionize canine healthcare through citizen science. Embark is a dog DNA testing service, that provides a comprehensive genetic health report for your dog, as well as breed and trait testing. While this is great for helping to understand your dog’s predisposition to the health conditions they test for (over 160!), their genetic understanding of some of the most prevalent inherited diseases in the dog population is incomplete, including hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, many types of cancer, and more. Participating in Embark’s free research surveys can help gather much-needed information to help us better understand the causes of these health issues.
So #EmbarkWithUs and let’s work together to transform how we care for our pups. Once you complete their surveys, please be sure to select Caitlins Vine Of Bravery as your selection for where they donate to!

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