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Everyone meet Two Tone
Some boys stumbled across him on the silver comet trail. He has an eye contusion/ laceration that is severely infected. The boys that found him followed him back to his house and spoke with his owners voicing their concern and telling them that he needed medical care. The owners cannot afford to take him to the vet and the dog belongs to their son who hasn’t been taking care of him. It is inhumane to let the dog suffer and so the guys who found him offered to pay for his medical care. What Angels!!! They picked him up today and his doctors appointment is scheduled for tomorrow. It is people like Thomas who makes the world a better place. I am so happy that he came across this sweet little boy and that he did the right thing in discussing his concerns with the owner instead of just walking past him thinking there was nothing he could do to help him. He gave Two Tone a voice!
The owners seem to want him back after his eye is healed and if thats the case… Thomas has gone over and beyond willing to build them a fenced in yard so he can roam free and will continue to check up on him offering flea prevention and vet visits. He is hoping he will be able to persuade them to give him a better home. The man is disabled and the woman just recently had open heart surgery, but there is no excuse to allow a dogs conditions to get that bad. If you can’t afford a dog you shouldn’t own a dog. Legally dogs are considered a possession and it’s against the law to “take” one without permission. All we can do is check back in and then if things aren’t better report it in hopes of them surrendering him so he can have a better life like he deserves.
I’m not sure if Two Tone will need a foster home or new home yet, but email me if you are interested in fostering or adopting him.


** UPDATE **

Two Tone had his surgery and they were able to save his eye! The owner is letting us keep him so we can give him a better home. If anyone is interested in adopting him email me at



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