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Our site is currently under construction. We are still looking for land and a facility to renovate and create a beautiful safe haven for our rescued dogs as well as our day care and boarding facility. As of now Caitlin is working out of her home by raising money for dogs medical care and working with kill shelters in the area to be a foster mom.

Our goals

– To have many outdoor play yards with activities and pools for play time.
– Comfortable indoor and outdoor dog houses.
– Dog condos for our boarded dogs.
– An infirmary for our sick and recovering dogs
– A birthing center for our new borns, puppies and moms
– Indoor play areas
– Adoption center with areas for play time
– Physical therapy, hydrotherapy and rehabilitation area for our dogs
– Trails for dog walks
– Memorial area
– Horse stables and riding ring
– Hippo therapy classes at our location
– Rescue abused and neglected horses
– Raise enough donations so all dogs can be adopted for free
– Workshops for children and people who have been through trauma
– A halfway house on the property for people who suffer from traumatic experiences, drug addictions and abuse.
– A cat room for rescued kittens and cats

Please help support us so we can become the biggest recovery center for dogs and the best  center in our area.

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