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Update: 12/21 Morning Malcom let me hand feed him some chicken. He tried standing up but he is not strong enough. This could be because of him being so emaciated or it is possible he has vestibular disease. He seems to be blind in one eye. He possibly could have some fluid in his abdomen but right now did not want to push an ultrasound because of his discomfort.  We did X rays and nothing was alarming. The entire room is spinning for him right now and is experiencing vertigo. Bless is heart! He is hanging in there. If he does have vestibular disease we are praying it is peripheral form and not central. If it is peripheral, most cases they improve quickly once the underlying cause is addressed and symptoms of vertigo are managed with supportive care. His heart worms are a level 3/4 so he has been coughing and showing symptoms. He could have passed out because of the heart worms and not a stroke. We will know more soon. His blood tests still look good. His red cell count is back to normal. Once he's better he will have surgery to remove his mass and fix his prolapsed rectum. 🙁 


Update: 12/21 Evening Malcom was not doing well when I saw him at night. He wouldn't eat anymore food and he couldn't even lift himself up to stand up. He seems like he might be developing an upper respiratory infection. He couldn't stop coughing. It could be from the heart worms though. Please keep him in your prayers! I am very worried. 



Update: 12/22 Malcom had a great day today. He ate lots and lots of chicken. He was able to stand up and WALK on his own today. That alone is a huge step! His nystagmus is gone. He seems to be less dizzy. He is drinking water on his own and we started him on oral medication. YAY He still has vestibular disease but they said that it will probably go away once he gets stronger! He doesn't have any fluid in his stomach either! 🙂 


Update: 12/23  Malcom had another great day! He was taken off his IV fluids and moved to a bigger kennel so he can practice walking around. He ate lots of chicken and ate his dry food as well. 


Update: 1/3-4  Well, Malcom was improving but we have a big setback now. His vestibular signs are back. His head tilt is worse than before and he can't stand up or walk anymore. He possibly could have a brain tumor that is causing this. He has developed Kennel Cough while being at the hospital. I am hoping that him being sick could possibly cause his vestibular to flare up. Please keep him in your prayers. 

Update : 1/5 Malcom has developed Pneumonia. He is now on more antibiotics, fluids and medications to help. Since he developed pneumonia his vestibular symptoms are back. He is now not eating. 


Update 1/6 : Malcom has made a turn for the worst. He is still not eating and his stomach is starting to twist and bloat. We have inserted a tube into his stomach to drain the air out. 


Update 1/7 : Air has not filled back up in his stomach which is good. He is now starting to eat again. 


Update 1/8 : Malcom is starting to go into the oxygen cage throughout the day. It his helping his cough but it still sounds pretty bad. 


Malcom is still hanging in there and fighting. His head tilt doesn't seem to be as bad. His cough is still pretty bad but when he's relaxed and sleeping it doesn't bother him as much. We are hoping once his pneumonia is cleared that his vestibular signs will go away as well. We are being optimistic and hoping for the best 

Please consider donating to help pay for his medical care. We do everything possible to help each dog we save and it is not cheap. We are praying he doesn't have cancer and that the least of his worries is heartworm treatment. He will be having surgery to remove his mass and fix his prolapsed rectum. His first heartworm injection is in February. Every little bit helps us pay off his bills!

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If anyone in the Atlanta area would like to foster him once he is well enough to come home from the hospital please fill out an application HERE , all food, medicines and costs will be provided.

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