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Princess’s before and after pictures


IMG_7303I rescued Princess almost a week ago. She was scheduled to be euthanized and her sweet face stood out to me and I couldn’t allow that to happen. She was confiscated from her house after being left on the balcony for three weeks without food or water. We believe her owner or owners were extremely abusive to her. When I met Princess she wouldn’t let anyone touch her and she would flench if I put my hand anywhere near her. Now she begs me to pet her face and will jump in my lap rubbing her face on me. She is such an incredibly smart dog. She loves going on walks, playing fetch, and rolling around in the grass. The first few days she would almost bite our hand off when we hand fed her treats, now she is as gentle as can be. Its been amazing watching her progress in such a short amount of time. Im hoping that she will continue to get better and feel safer each day so we can find her an amazing family that she deserves.

 IMG_4519 IMG_4525IMG_4531


Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 2.47.15 AM


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