Ollie came to us with what we thought was just a broken back that needed bed rest and pain medicine. He was ran over by a car and judging by his road rash it could have been several days ago. This sweet heart cried in pain for the hour and a half transport ride. I took him to my vet to get stronger pain medication for him and to re do his x rays for a second opinion. Ollie has a broken pelvis, dislocated hip, a possible broken back and an extreme uti. He is unable to urinate on his own. We have tried several times to put in a catheter with no luck. We tried putting his Hip back in place but it isn’t staying so needless to say this poor baby needs a miracle in ways of us raising enough money for his surgeries. We are waiting for orthopedic and neurological specialists to have an opening to see him. It is possible his pelvis is crushing his bladder or its something neurological. We look at his sweet face and want to save him, but without the funds we cannot let him suffer. Please please please if anyone can help us save Ollie.
This is going to be very expensive but any little bit adds up to help with the cost. Ollie deserves a chance 

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Ollie Needs Your Help To Survive


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