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It has been suchIMG_9300 a joy watching Daisy get happier and filled with more life as each day goes by. I have never seen such a happy dog. I wanted to share some photos of her, and as you can see her face is filled with so much happiness and full of life. I have been able to wean her off of her pain medicines every 8 hours. I still give them to her as needed. She still licks her hurt areas because of the nerve pain and she clenches her teeth when she sleeps but she has been wanting to move around more and more each day. Will let you know how her next appointment goes, but until then this is what she’s been up to 🙂











” My favorite thing                    

to do once I wake up is

to go sunbathe outside in

the grass. ” 





”  No mommy, 5

more minutes please. ” 







” Im supposed to be on

cage rest but I don’t like

being away from my mom

so she carries me so I can

go everywhere with her. ” 







” Today she and my friend Phil

strolled and carried me to

the beach and I got to lay

under the shade and relax

with my new brother O’malley. ”     






” I LOVE the beach, but wish I could

run around in the sand and water. I know that I will get

to once I am all better. ” 





IMG_9406IMG_1952” On the plane

on the way

to Florida. I got

to lay down in

my pillow at my

moms feet. I

loved looking out the window

while we were flying. ” 






” I couldn’t walk through

the airport so I got to sit in

my moms lap in her

wheelchair. ” 












” Nap time is my 

favorite. I don’t want

to play with toys, I

just want to be snuggled up in my moms

arms. I like sleeping with my head on her

chest. ” 






” Mom said that I am so obedient

and smart that I can become a service

dog! Right now she’s training me and giving

me the experience being out in public and

then I’m going to be trained to detect

when she has seizures! Im so excited!!!! “

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