We are looking for partners and sponsors to help us reach maximum potential with this charity.

We work with some of the most wonderful trainers, Vet Clinics, and Stores. Below are companies we work with, buy from, companies that donate a percentage of their profits to our rescue and companies that donate products to our rescue dogs.

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Tenasity is Atlanta’s leading canine behavior specialists. They excel at improving owner/ dog relations while directly enchaining the lifestyle of the dog owner(s). We use tenasity for training, boarding and advice. For our adopters, Tenasity will provide 20% off any package of training for their rescue dog adopted through us. 

Crabapple Knoll Veterinary Clinic is a full-service animal hospital whose mission is to provide the highest standard of veterinary care.

Crabapple Knoll is our wonderful vet partner. We could not treat and save all the dogs that we do without their help and support. 


Patriot K9 services the Metro Atlanta area along with neighboring counties. We offer a wide variety of services such as but not limited to; basic & advanced obediences, behavior modification, competitive obedience, private lessons/packages, pet sitting, taxi services, AND MORE!!

They offer 20% off to our adopters.

View their website or contact us for more information.

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Wholesome Threads Co sells handmade, customizable pet collars, bandanas, bow ties and beds. A percentage of every purchase is donated to charity and we have teamed up with them where 50% of profit will go towards our rescue when you use the code CVB at checkout.



Wholesome Threads Co sells handmade, customizable pet collars, bandanas, bow ties and beds. A percentage of every purchase is donated to charity and we have teamed up with them where 50% of profit will go towards our rescue when you use the code CVB at checkout.



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Max & Neo donates a product for every product purchased, dog lovers can now donate to a rescues simply by shopping for their own pet. The dog owner does not need to do anything additional to support a rescue. They simply purchase products as they normally would. This relieves them of spending additional money and there is no additional burden placed upon them. If they so wish, they can donate additional money directly to the rescue.

All our rescue dogs get their on Max & Neo collar with a matching leash 🙂 


Kiki Pettee makes Digital Pet Portrait/Graphic design artwork of your pet. She makes the best, most beautiful portraits. Check out her Etsy Shop or connect with her on Instagram @kikipettee 



Polarized Sunglasses | Dialed in for Sport | Crafted for Casual Wear | Free Cords | No Hassle Return | Lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision™

Use the code CVB10 to get 10% off your order and they will donate 10% of your order to our rescue.


CBD is a naturally-occurring, non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid that occurs in hemp. By encouraging photocannabinoids to bind to the receptors in our body we can assist in regulating functions; from natural plants we can find an organic, natural way to provide balance to the body. Suzies donates CBD oil and treats to our rescue dogs. CBD has helped them control seizures, shrink tumors and masses, helps with separation anxiety, anxiety at adoption events and more! 

Use the code " CB20 " for 20% off your order!



CBD for you or your pets. Use the code " caitlin " for 20% off your order!


Smarter & Healthier Pet food.

Made specifically for your dog and delivered straight to your door.

Better for your dogs, easier for you.

Click on this link to get 50% off your first order! thefarmersdog.com/caitlin

Sign up for Barkbox using our referral code and you'll be donating a free box to a rescue dog.  Use our code " CVBbark " at checkout Shop Now

You will be donating a BarkBox full of treats and goodies to a rescue dog by doing so.

We started an online shop called www.cnccouture.com 

A percentage of every item sold will go towards our rescue to help pay for our rescue dogs medical bills. 100% of all profits from the CVB Collection will go towards our dogs care. The shopping spree you can't feel guilty about. 🙂


Curicyn Bottle Collage

Curicyn is formulated as a wound and skin treatment for abrasions, cuts, scrapes, skin rashes, infections and burns. Curicyn has been proven extremely effective in addressing bacteria at its source and in promoting rapid tissue regeneration and recovery. We have seen first hand how well their products work. Works for horses, livestock and your personal pets. 

Use the code “CVB20” to receive 20% off your order! 

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Handmade or hand strung jewelry and fluid art paintings. 

20% off when you mention our rescues name.


Think Dog by Delca, started in the early 1990’s, leads the industry in manufacturing dog treats and toys that are as appealing to humans as they are irresistible to dogs. Our customers can depend on our innovative product formulas & designs, uncompromising quality, and obsession with pure, simple fun! We lovingly create products that stimulate curiosity, engage interactive play, and strengthen the human + dog bond.

They donate dog toys to our rescue dogs 🙂 

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Hollywood Feed is your source for high quality, natural and holistic pet food and supplies. They have the lowest prices for food, toys and treats. We have adoption events there once a month at 1125 Woodstock Rd #350, Roswell, GA 30075

They donate lots of food, traveling supplies, treats and toys to our rescue ups! 🙂

Our adopters will receive 10% off their first purchase

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I fetch is the perfect toy for any sized dog. Worried about your dog not getting enough exercise? Don’t have time to take him to the park? Give iFetch a try. The innovative folks at iFetch design and produce automatic ball launchers and doggy brain games that will keep your dog entertained and exercised every day.

They donated two Ifetch machines for our rescue dogs 🙂

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Embark Do you have a rescue dog and are curious to know what breed it is? With Embark DNA test you can test your dog and see all the different breeds it is. Genetics tells us more than just the breed, it also can help prevent health problems in your dog. Embark could help save your dogs sigh, prevent early death from heart disease, and so much more.

Use Code " Caitlin15 " for 15% off your order

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Response Products Use only the best for your best friend. Advanced Cetyl M Joint Action Formula For Dogs! Scientifically designed with cetyl myristoleate and a powerful combination of glucosamine-HCl and other joint health ingredients. Formulated with natural roast beef and liver flavoring. 

Our rescue dogs are on their supplements for their joints

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Because Super Foods Matter we have created 11 delicious LIMITED INGREDIENT flavors. Kale is a super antioxidant that contains essential vitamins including: beta carotene, calcium, vitamin K, vitamin C, and lutein, a great way to give your dog all the nutrients that kale has offers! Try our 3 new soft flavors that include the Superfood Moringa!

They sent us treats for our rescue dogs, the dogs absolutely love them! 🙂 Use the code " VINE20 " for 20% off your order. 


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I partnered up with Stacked Collection and designed a bracelet perfect for dog lovers. A portion of the proceeds from every paw print single sold will be donated to Caitlin’s Vine of Bravery to help with medical care.


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Learn the only training approach that effectively prepares your dog for your baby. Get step-by-step guidance from a master dog trainer and the best selling author of Good Dog Happy Baby. You'll be amazed how quickly your dog can change.

Ready to prepare your dog for your baby? Get the course today!

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P.L.A.Y Dog 

Luxury Dog beds, dog toys, and accessories for your dog! Shop today and find the perfect dog bed for your dog. They have all different colors and patterns to match your house and your taste. Shop today and a percentage of sales will go towards Caitlin’s Vine Of Bravery Dog rescue.

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Use our discount code " CVB Supporters " to receive 20% off your order. 100% of all profits from the CVB Collection go towards our rescue dogs medical care. 

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Hendrick and co - saving animals with every purchase 

With every purchase made, you can help save an animal in need. Hendrick & Co. has partnered with more than 600 rescues, sanctuaries and shelters across the U.S. and Canada. Through their Giving Partners, they create campaigns for animals in need. With every purchase you make, you can help save an animal and support their Giving Partners in their mission.

Use the discount code " CAITLIN " and receive 10% off your purchase.

They will donate 10% to our rescue with every purchase made using our code. 

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Growl Towels

Gifts for dog lovers and their dogs, a fun collection of towels, dog blankets and dog accessories to pamper your special pet or yourself. My dogs love them and so do I.


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Beverly Hills Collars

These dog collars are to die for! I love everything with rhinestones and bling so I fell in love when I came across these collars. Use my discount code " CaitlinsVOB " and you will get 15% off any of their products. They will also donate 10% of the total sale to my organization, Caitlin's Vine Of Bravery. With your purchase, you will not only be receiving the cutest dog collars out there, but you will also be donating money to help provide medical care for dogs in need.

Code : " CaitlinsVOB "

15% of each purchase used with our discount code will go towards our rescue dogs 🙂

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The Top Dogs of custom leather collars, with the most options on the market. Select a width and build a collar to match your dogs personality. With your imagination the possibilities are endless! Get the best dog collars on the market at the best price! With my 10% off coupon a portion of your sale will go towards Caitlin’s Vine Of Bravery.

Use code "CVOB10" at their checkout and they will donate 10% of sales to our rescue. 

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The Shed Defender is a form-fitting onesie that contains pet hair, reduces anxiety, can replace the medical cone and helps dogs with skin conditions or allergies. Made from a lightweight, breathable and eco-friendly fabric, Shed Defender allows your dog to shed naturally and move, run and play freely. It’s available in eight sizes and eight colors and starts at $39.99. Use discount code: CAITLIN for 10% off and 10% of all sales with the code will be donated to Caitlin's Vine Of Bravery Dog Rescue.

Code: " CAITLIN "

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Shop at Dogo Apparel and they will donate 10% to our rescue. Use our discount code ' Caitlin ' to receive free shipping! 

Code: " Caitlin "

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Urban Suburban Apparel is a small, family owned and operated company full of rescued dogs and foster dogs, who have inspired us to create thought-provoking apparel and accessories for the dog and pit bull owner and advocate. We are proud to be able to generate funds for multiple non-profit rescues around the world through the sales of our merchandise.

Use my discount code " Caitlin " to receive 10% off your order! When using our discount code they will donate 10% of your purchase to our rescue.

Instagram: @urbsub

Twitter: @urbsubapparel

Facebook: Facebook.com/UrbanSuburbanApparel

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