Before filling out our application please review the adoption process, adoption policy & requirements, and service and agreements.

Adoption Process


Adoption Policies & Requirements

Adoption Application

  • Contact Information

  • Family & Housing

  • By providing this information you are allowing us to contact your landlord. Most apartments have breed restrictions for Bully breeds.
  • ( Anual Vet Exams, Vaccines, monthly Heartguard, Flea and Tick prevention, Quality Dog Food, Day Care/ Pet Sitter Costs, training, etc )
  • Ex. illnesses, broken bones, surgeries
  • Other Pets

  • Veterinarian

  • Providing us with this information you are allowing us to call your vet. Please call your vet and authorize them to release the records to us.
  • About the dog you wish to adopt

    Adopting from us you must agree that if for any reason you can’t keep your dog that you must reach out to us so we can help with the rehoming process. You must foster the dog until we find a new foster or home. If you cannot keep the animal at any point in the future, you must notify us so we can help you re-home the pet, wether its signing off on a friend or a family member taking the pet. By adopting this dog you are taking full responsibility. Under no exception can you surrender your dog to a shelter or euthanize it. IT IS A $5000 FEE IF YOU SURRENDER YOUR DOG TO A SHELTER OR ABANDON IT.
  • We run only on foster homes so when a dog is returned and a foster home is not available the dog has no where to go. We would appreciate it if our adopters could still keep the dog until we can find placement.
  • We have a Facebook group for all of our fosters and adopters for everyone to post pictures and updates of their adopted dog 🙂
  • Personal References

    Please list someone who is familiar with both you and your pets.