Hooray! You're looking to adopt a new family member!


Hooray! You're looking to adopt a new family member! We are so happy to hear that. Before you apply to adopt your new dog we ask that you read over the following information to be sure that you are ready for this commitment. The goal of Caitlin's Vine of Bravery is for every dog to be adopted permanently into a home that is prepared for the responsibility and commitment of owning a dog, to help with that we offer this information before you apply.

The dogs here at Caitlin's Vine of Bravery have come from many different and sometimes extreme situations. Many of them have suffered through abuse, neglect, abandonment, and various health problems. Before they are safely here with us they have been through all of that, then spent times in different shelters all of which can be very scary for a dog. Once they come to Caitlin's Vine of Bravery they go straight to the vet for any medical needs and then are placed in a foster home with one of our wonderful foster families to adjust and learn how to be part of a loving home receiving training, medical care, and learning socialization.

Once a dog is in a new home after being adopted it is perfectly normal to experience training setbacks. They may have accidents even though they are house broken, they may seem timid and shy, they may have difficulty going in and out of their crate. All of this is perfectly normal, and with patience and care will quickly be over come. Your new family member is just not quite used to their new environment.

Another very important thing to remember when choosing to adopt a dog is that this is a long term commitment not only physically and emotionally, but financially. Dogs require a lot of care in their life time beyond just food and water. You also need to consider monthly flea and tick preventative, heartworm preventative, annual vaccinations, check ups, and any possible future health concerns as your dog ages. Not to mention if an emergency illness or injury pops up. All of that can add up quickly and is a reason many dogs are turned in to shelters and that is something we strive to prevent.

We love all our dogs here at Caitlin's Vine of Bravery, which means we take the adoption process very seriously. We want to be sure when you adopt one of our dogs that this is a perfect match for both your family and the dog. Part of that is filling out an application before meeting one of our dogs so everyone can be sure that you all end up with a lifetime of happiness. Before approving your applications we will take the time to confirm all references and make sure that your current dogs are fixed and up to date on vaccines. We will then schedule a time for a phone interview to review the application. Once everything is approved on your application and our dog and your family have met the next step is a home check and meet and greet. I know it may seem frustrating or invasive, but it is the best way to be sure that everyone is going to be in a happy home. We need to see that your home is safe for the dog, how the dog does with your pets, and also be sure that you are comfortable. If your application is approved and your home check meets our requirements, you will be required to sign a contract in order to complete the adoption process. Most of the time our adopters already have a specific dog they are interested in. If that is the case we set up a meet and greet at your home so that way we can do a home check while you meet the dog you are interested in.

For dogs that you want to adopt but aren’t finished being vetted we allow adopters to foster to adopt. Foster to adopt means that you will be fostering the dog you are wanting to adopt after filling out the adoption application, doing a home check and being approved. Once the dog is fully vetted the adoption process can be completed. In the meantime you will have to take them to their spay and neuter appointment, or take them to receive their boosters.

For puppies we allow pre adoptions. Pre adoptions are where you can put a deposit down and decide which puppy from the liter you want. It is a non refundable deposit if you decide you aren't wanting to adopt, and if you do it will be subtracted from your adoption fee that will be paid when the adoption process is complete. Our puppies need lots of shots, boosters and care. Once they are 8 weeks old is when you will be able to foster to adopt and take them to receive all their boosters, and spay or neuter surgery.

Our adoption fee is $200 for adult dogs and $300-500 for puppies. We cover all medical costs that can range anywhere between $150-8000. If we treat a dog that ends up costing us $800 you are still only paying the adoption fee. Each dog has received all its appropriate vetting which includes, wellness exam ( can range between $30-80 ) , Spay and Neuter ( $100-200 ) , Distemper vaccination ( $20-40 times two for the booster & times four for puppies ) , Bordatella ( $13-20 times two , some dogs may vary ) , Rabies vaccination ( $25-50 ) , Heart worm test ( $35-50 ) , Flea and tick treatment ( $50-100 ) , Microchip ( $15-25 ) , Deworming ( $20-40 ) , Fecal test ( $40-50 ) , X rays if needed ( $200-600 ). This is not including dogs being treated for heart worms, complications, illnesses, hospitalization fees, emergency fees, etc..

Free pets usually come with no medical care, so you may be saving money on an adoption fee but you will be spending way more on getting your dog the proper care it needs.

Our vetting and boarding costs are more expensive than the adoption fee we charge. We will receive some dogs that are already fixed or current on their vaccines and sometimes we receive very sick dogs that cost up to thousands of dollars to treat. Fees from the healthy and more adoptable dogs help with the cost for the care of the others.

After you have sent our application back to us and it has been accepted, we will call and schedule a home visit or meet and greet. Once the home visit is approved we will work with you to help choose the perfect dog for your family, or schedule a time to meet the one you are wanting. If you decide its not a good fit we can try and match you to another who would possibly be a better fit for you and your family. We offer a 7 day trial run with your dog so we can ensure that it is the best fit for your home and family. If within the 7 days you choose to return the dog and cancel your contract your money will be refunded. 

Try to be patient with us. We understand that the adoption process may take time, but we are unpaid and run completely by volunteers. We do this process to assure that everyone ends up in the best situation possible.


Now that you've read through this article and are ready to apply, follow this link to apply.

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If you haven't already read our Adoption Policy's and Requirements please do so here before applying.  Adoption Policy's & Requirements

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