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Nigel is just too proud to be homeless. He loves you already — and you’ve only just met through a picture. Nigel thinks he is alpha and would do best in a home with females or submissive dogs and an experienced owner. He’s currently living with about 8 other dogs and he does well around the submissive males. Over the past few months he’s improved a lot with getting along with everyone. He likes to challenge other alpha dogs for dominance. With some training, you may be able to improve or even correct this behavior in time. But it will take a lot of patience. Nigel is a loving boy and so worth it! He craves love and attention. He is very smart and knows all basic commands. He loves being around people and looks to his handler for praise and affection. He loves toys and even tries to pick them all up at once to play. He likes to be active and loves a challenge. Toys, puzzles, games and stimulating exercises. He loves to chew on bones. Nigel is a snuggle-bear! With some work, establishing that you are alpha from the beginning and some time he will make such a fantastic dog! He’s house trained, crate trained, utd on shots, fixed, microchipped and current on preventatives. 
If interested in fostering him or adopting him please contact or  fill out our foster application.

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Tank ( foster needed ) 

Tank was born into our rescue when we saved his mama who was pregnant with him at the time. He is a very precious and loving boy. He has just turned a year old and is very food motivated to make some awesome progress with training. He is being returned due to food aggression with his fur siblings. We believe that this behavior can be corrected and resolved through training as it is a form of resource guarding. Our trainer offers 20% off to our adopters. He is searching for a foster home in the meantime so we can get our trainer working with him until he finds his forever family. Interested in fostering, donating towards his training, or adopting? 

You can email or fill out our adoption application. 

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Ranger is a 55lb adult male pit bull mix brown w white. Ranger is friendly and instantly loving, curling up on laps or at feet, tail wagging always happy to see you! Ranger has many scars (physical and emotional) from whatever horrible past he was able to escape from. Ranger would thrive in a home with no other pets and an adopter with lots of time to spend with Ranger so he can feel safe and loved at last!

If interested in this sweet boy please email or contact his foster parents at:

LWHEELIS@YAHOO.COM and 404-376-3776

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Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 10.46.58 PM

Jarvis ( foster home needed ) 

Jarvis is looking for a home or a foster home. He is currently in boarding at the vet and has too much energy to have to be in a cage all day 🥺

JARVIS – Labrador/Pitbull Mix, Neutered Male, 53 pounds, DOB: April 2019.

Jarvis is a delightful and energetic young boy who was relinquished by his owner, who lost his job during the COVID outbreak and moved out of state. Jarvis is ready to become part of a new
family. He is healthy, fully vetted, microchipped, neutered and has a
negative heartworm test. His superpower is that he has a LOT of
energy (even more so since he is in a cage) and would love to be a
part of your ACTIVE lifestyle. Jarvis would absolutely thrive in the
right hands! He needs for someone to take him under their wing, train
him, and show him the ropes of living in a home (and work with him on
housebreaking and learning not to jump up on everyone he meets).
Jarvis is VERY motivated by food, is super sweet, smart and should be
easily trainable. So, if you are looking for a loyal companion who has
lots of love to give, in exchange for room and board, call and set up
a meeting with Jarvis. Crabapple Knoll Vet Clinic, Alpharetta, GA.

If interested in adopting or fostering her please call 770.475.8272.

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10 yr old male full breed miniature schnauzer looking for a new home. He is Neutered & vaccinated. Gentle spirit. Owners are relocating and not taking him. Available immediately.

You can contact this number if interested in adopting.
770.778.6441. Text messages only for inquiries please. Email if interested in fostering him.

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Cosmo ( hospice foster or home needed )

COSMO – SHOULD BE AN ONLY PET – SENIOR. Labrador Mix, Neutered Male,
microchipped, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, 70 pounds,
tan and white, DOB: 4-30-2011. Cosmo was just diagnosed with cancer and has about a year to live.
Consider giving this sweet senior boy a second chance at a wonderful
life with you! He has been with us for nearly two years and truly
deserves to live in a home and have someone to love.

Who doesn’t love a super friendly, sweet, smart, affectionate and
friendly dog?  Cosmo is a lover and is very intelligent and motivated
to please! He is a handsome boy who is food motivated and already
knows some basic commands. He would absolutely THRIVE in the right
hands, and has been patiently waiting for his forever person to walk
into the Clinic and claim him as their own.  He would love to go
running or hiking with you, go for walks, or just spend some quality
time in your company. Cosmo would love to know what it feels like to
lay on a couch and watch TV with someone he loves. Cosmo should be the
only pet in your home, as he does not really get along with others.
Cosmo enjoys playing ball, tugging on rope toys and chewing on
rawhides and other hard toys. This handsome boy has been with us for
over one year now, and really deserves to find a life out of a cage --
with someone of his own to love. If you have space in your heart and
home for a pet that deserves a second chance, please consider adopting
Cosmo and changing his life forever. Crabapple Knoll, Alpharetta, GA.

If interested in adopting or fostering him please call 770.475.8272.

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