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Click below for our application form to adopt. Either submit the form to us or you can download the word document, or print it and email back to us at 

If you are interested in adopting or even just fostering any of these sweet babies please contact us.




Cleopatra ( 9 months old, Black Lab )

Cleo had a broken femur and instead of her old family finding a way to pay to get the surgery she needed they wanted to euthanize her. They didn't want to even pay to euthanize her so they said they would take care of it when they got home. The vet gave them two options, to pay to have her euthanized or to surrender her to them. The vet called me as poor Cleo needed a rescue within 24 hours before she would be killed. We couldn't let this sweet baby die. She had the surgery to repair her femur and will make a full recovery. She desperately needs a foster home to recover in. She is currently being boarded at the vet.
If interested in adopting or fostering Cleo, you can email or fill out our foster or adoption application. 
rusty 1

RUSTY ( American Staffordshire Terrier, 1 year )

Rusty is a beautiful 1 year old boy we call a Gentle Giant.  Not only handsome but a very sweet and calm boy. He is great with kids and other dogs with proper introductions. He is neutered and up to date on all vaccines. We had a little scare with him at an event and learned that Rusty is allergic to what the vet believes was a bee sting or scorpion bite.  He went into Anaphylactic Shock. He has not had another episode since then and has had no problem being outside around all insects. (thinking it was a scorpion since we have not seen any of those at our house).  Rusty will still need a very responsible owner that can always carry an epipen and benadryl around if he needs it to be extra safe. We have not had any episodes in the 6 months we have had him but better to be safe than sorry.  Rusty loves to jump up and give hugs when greeting you, but also knows the word NO and will sit when it’s used. He loves attention and gets excited. Keep in mind his size if you have small children. He is still a puppy so needs chew toys or bones to keep him occupied. Rusty is a love bug and would love a family to call his own. Playing outdoors, going on walks and cuddling are his favorite past times.
If you are interested in adopting or fostering Rusty please email us at or fill out our adoption application 


Walter is a very sweet and quiet boy. He loves giving kisses and going on walks. He is current on all his vaccines and will be getting fixed this week. He is great with other dogs and is as friendly as they come. He really needs a foster home before he has to go into boarding.
If interested in adopting or fostering Walter, you can email or fill out our foster or adoption application. 


This sweet girl was abandoned after someone did a home crop job on her ears and then sewed them up with string. Then they abandoned her like that, and her ears got badly infected. She's as sweet as they come. We saved her without a foster in place. Please share and help us find this sweet girl a foster home! She is about 1-2 years old and is very sweet. She is great with kids and other dogs. 
If you are interested in adopting or fostering Serenity please email us at or fill out our adoption application 

LILLY ( 2 years old, american bulldog/ pit mix )


Lilly is a very sweet girl and one of our favorites. After given a second chance at life she is ready to make someone happy. She was rescued after being shot 4 times solely because of her breed. She loves to cuddle, car rides, long walks and a good run. In fact she may be a low rider but she is fast! She is current on all her vaccinations and is spayed. Lilly will have to go to boarding soon and really needs someone to call her own. She is crate trained too. Please consider opening your heart and home up to this little cuddle bug. Lilly is reactive if another dog growls or snaps at her, so she would do best in a home with only sweet and submissive dogs. She loves her foster brothers (Yorkie and Chihuahua) 
If interested in adopting or fostering Lilly, you can email or fill out our foster or adoption application. 

Sammie ( 1-2 years, Lab/ Terrier Mix )


My foster mom tells me I am absolute perfection! I am the sweetest thing and love to give kisses. My happy face will brighten up your day. I was rescued from a high kill shelter moments before I was killed to make space. I am very friendly and love all dogs. I would love to be in a house with other dogs and kids. I look a lot bigger in my pictures than I really am and only 25 pounds. I am crate trained and house trained.  I can’t wait until I find my forever home that I am so desperately waiting for. I am in a foster home with my sister Taffy and would love if we could be adopted together, but I understand if we have to be separated. It’s my dream to be in my furever home. 
If interested in adopting or fostering Sammie, you can email or fill out our foster or adoption application. 

Taffy ( 2 year old lab mix ) 


I am a very sweet girl that loves all people and other dogs especially my roommate Sammie. I broke my knee months ago and my old owner left me at a shelter where I became homeless and handicapped. I am able to walk/run but I don’t put much pressure on my back leg although everyone tells me that it seems to be getting better. To be honest I can walk and run on 3 legs faster than most so don’t count me out. I am crate trained and house trained.  I can’t wait to find my forever home. I am in a foster home with my brother Sammie and would love to get adopted together. Please give me a chance and let me love you! 
If interested in adopting me please email or fill out the adoption application 



Xena is a very sweet girl. She does well with other dogs and she is great with people.
If interested in adopting or fostering Xena, you can email or fill out our foster or adoption application. 

POPPY ( 4 years, Shepard Mix )

Hi I am Poppy. I may not be able to show my true personality in my picture because my heart was broken when my owners surrendered me to the shelter where I was left to die. I have been in boarding and learning to open up and trust again. I just want to find someone to love me and not give up on me. I would love to be in a home again in my own space adjusting to my new life.  I was very attached to my owner and I miss having that special someone to love.  It has left me traumatized and so scared. It is so loud here and I am by myself in a kennel. The people are nice and feed me. They tell me everyday that I am loved and that I will find a foster soon. I hope that day comes soon. I just need someone that is patient and willing to give me a chance to open up. I think I am a smart dog. I just need time to adjust but once I trust you will not abandon me I promise to be a loving companion to you.  
Email us if you are interested in adopting or fostering Poppy or fill out our adoption application or foster application 

RYLA (1 and a half , lab/pit mix ) 

Ryla is high energy and very playful. She loves snuggling up to you for hugs and kisses (lots of kisses)! She would love a fur friend with high energy or tolerant of hers! Ryla goes crazy for tennis balls and outdoor activity, so a house with a big yard would be perfect for her to play in! She’s still small, around 40-45lbs.  She is potty trained, and in the process of crate training! 

PATCH ( 2 years old ) 


I was confiscated from a cruelty case. The think I was being used as a bait dog because all my teeth were filed down and pulled. I am super loving and only want to please you. I love to go on walks and I’m great on a leash staying right at your side. I will Follow you everywhere, but don’t be concerned I’m also very content with a toy. I’m not bothered by other dogs but would like a companion that doesn't jump all over me and just more chilled. I have a cat for a roommate now and I’m not going to lie … I don’t really like him. However we have made it work. I am potty trained and crate trained. I won’t chew on things I’m not suppose to either. I want to find my forever home so please give me a chance.
Please email or fill out an adoption application if you are interested in this sweet




Roxy was confiscated with her sister Patch from a cruelty case. She is very playful and would love a yard to run in. She LOVES toys and can occupy herself for hours. She is with a foster family and her best friend Patch who is also 2 yrs old.  She does very well with him. Seems to like cats. She is potty trained and crate trained. She does not chew on things she isn’t suppose to and looking for her furever family. 

ROMEO ( 1 years old ) 

Romeo is a very sweet boy. He is fully vaccinated and nuetered. He is still a young puppy and full of energy. He enjoys giving kisses and going on walks. He is looking for someone to invest time with him to train him up to be the perfect dog. He is so smart and willing to please. He is great with other dogs and enjoys going to the park for playtime. He is crate trained and house trained. Great around babies and kids.
If you can open up your home and heart to foster or adopt this sweet boy email or fill out our adoption application or foster application 


Nigel is fixed and current on all vaccines. He is in a foster home in Tennessee searching for his forever home.
If interested in fostering him or adopting him please contact or  fill out our foster application.


Stella was rescued before being euthanized. She is a very sweet girl and loves being held and getting attention. She gets along great with dogs with proper introductions.  She is in a foster home in Tennessee but can be brought back to Atlanta if you want to meet her. Message me if you would like to set up a time to meet her.
If you can open up your home and heart to foster or adopt this sweet girl, please email or fill out an adoption application. 


Hi there! I'm Wesson, but everyone just calls me Wes! I'm a super happy guy and LOVE to cuddle! You wouldn't know it by looking at me, but I'm a solid 60 pounds...though I'm convinced I'm a lap dog. I have fantastic manners, I'm very quiet, perfect in my crate, and potty trained. I love all dogs and get along great with them. The vet thinks I'm about 4 years old, and because I wasn't neutered until recently I can be pretty dominant with other intact males. If introduced properly I have lived with them with no issues. I had 5 other foster siblings that I got along with great! I shake hands with everyone I meet, and I ADORE kids. A family that is home a lot would be great. I can kennel all day with no issue, but would prefer a home where I can have loads of attention. I am an extreme cuddle bug. I love my people. I am friendly with everyone. I am Housebroken. I am smart - I know sit, rapidly learning stay and down. I am very athletic.  I sleeps through the night and am not naturally an early riser. (I won't wake you up at the crack of dawn for sure) I'm a huge goofball, everyone I meet says they wish they could take me home....will you be my human?  If you can open up your home and heart to foster or adopt this sweet boy, please email or fill out our adoption application. 

Anna ( 3 years old, Boxer mix )  


Meet Anna! She's 3 years old, walks very well on a leash, crate trained, potty trained, with proper introductions she gets along well with other dogs, gets along with cats, loves people, she walks well on a leash and she'd be a great workout buddy, and she can also be laid back & calm. She is also up to date with all her vaccinations and spayed!! Who wouldn't want a perfect dog?
If you're interested please contact or fill out our adoption application. 


1-2 year old sweet girl. Great with other dogs and current on all vaccines!