Before filling out our application please review the adoption process, adoption policy & requirements, and service and agreements.

Adoption Process


Adoption Policies & Requirements

Adoption Application

  • If you are under the age of 21 and live with your parents, your parents will need to fill out the application.

  • Contact Information

  • Family & Housing

  • By providing this information you are allowing us to contact your landlord, please inform them of this call so they will speak with us
  • ( Anual Vet Exams, Vaccines, Monthly Heartguard & Flea & Tick prevention, Quality Dog Food, Day Care/ Pet Sitter Costs etc. )
  • Other Pets

  • Veterinarian

  • Providing us with this information you are allowing us to call your vet. Please call your vet and authorize them to release the records to us.
  • About the dog you wish to adopt

    Adopting from us you must agree that if for any reason you can’t keep your dog that you must foster the dog until we find a new foster or home. If you cannot keep the animal at any point in the future, you must notify us so we can help you re-home the pet, wether its signing off on a friend or a family member taking the pet. By adopting this dog you are taking full responsibility. If you can no longer keep your dog you must contact us so we can assist in finding a new home and help out in any way that we can. Under no exception can you surrender your dog to a shelter or euthanize it. Must agree to keep your adopted dog until re homed or have found a foster and reach out to us so we can help with the rehoming process. It is $5000 FEE IF YOU SURRENDER YOUR DOG TO A SHELTER OR ABANDON IT.
  • We run only on foster homes so when a dog is returned and a foster home is not available the dog has no where to go. We would appreciate it if our adopters could still keep the dog until we can find placement.
  • We have a Facebook group for all of our fosters and adopters for everyone to post pictures and updates of their adopted dog 🙂
  • Personal References

    Please list someone who is familiar with both you and your pets.
  • If you return your adopted dog within 1 week, half the adoption fee is refunded. After a week the fee is not refunded.

Once your application is received and approved we will contact you and let you know. You do not need to sign the contract below until you are approved.


  • All of the information I have given is true and complete. I agree that this pet will remain at the property that is listed above and that I should notify someone if I were to move. This dog will reside in my home as a pet. I will provide it with quality dog food, plenty of fresh water, indoor shelter, affection, annual physical examination and vaccinations under the supervision of a licensed Veterinarian. I agree to keep its shots and rabies up to date. I agree to provide it with a heartworm preventative each month. I agree to never sell, trade, or surrender this pet to anyone without giving prior notice to Caitlin’s Vine Of Bravery. I agree that the rescuer may reclaim the pet if I can no longer keep it. I agree that the adoption fee is non - refundable and there is no reimbursement if the adoption does not work out. I agree that all expenses of my dog after I take possession will be my responsibility and Caitlin’s Vine Of Bravery is released of any and all liabilities.
  • Please read the following rules and regulations of adopting an animal from Caitlin’s Vine Of Bravery. I agree to abide by this agreement and all county ordinances pertaining the care of my adopted pet. This contract is based on the terms and conditions that follow. If at any time, the adopter faults to comply with this agreement we will have the right to seize the adopted animal immediately. If the adopter decides to relinquish custody at any time during the life of the adopted animal Caitlin’s Vine Of Bravery will be notified immediately and the animal will be returned to the rescue.  Terms of Adoption are as follows: 
  • 1. Transfer of Ownership: This animal may not be transferred to any other person/organization for any reason unless approved by Caitlin’s Vine Of Bravery. Adopter agrees that If for any reason they can no longer care for this animal that they will contact Caitlin’s Vine Of Bravery first and let us help in assisting to re home the pet. Adopter understands that it is a 5000$ fine if they surrender their dog to a shelter, euthanize it, or abandon it. If you can't keep your dog please notify us so we can re post your dog on adoption sites to look for a new foster home or adopter. Please post on social media, share with friends and search for a new home as well.  Please keep in mind that if you are wanting to return your dog immediately that we will not have a spot open for your dog. We do not have a facility and run off of only fosters. You will need to keep your dog until we have found a new home or foster home for your dog to go to. Under certain circumstances, if you absolutely can not keep your dog, they will have to go straight to boarding in Cumming or Loganville Georgia, where you will need to bring their current vaccine records and pay upfront for the first month of boarding. If the dog has found a new home or foster home before the, the money will be refunded to you. AGAIN , By adopting this dog you are taking full responsibility. If you can no longer keep your dog, you must contact us so we can help find a new home for your dog and help out in any way that we can. Must agree to keep your adopted dog until re homed or put in a foster home and reach out to us so we can help with the rehoming process. It is $5000 FEE IF YOU SURRENDER YOUR DOG TO A SHELTER OR ABANDON IT.
  • 2. Loss: If adopted animal is lost or stolen, the adopter is required to notify us immediately.
  • 3. Health: Adopter agrees to humanely care for adopted animal, including but not limited to, adequate food, clean water, annual veterinary care as animal requires and as both state and law mandate. Adopted animals are to be a part of the adopting family for their lifetime, not to live outdoors and under no circumstances will the dogs’ appearance be altered for cometic purposes. Adopter agrees to have adopted animal vaccinated against the rabies virus within the time given or time due and as required by state law and county ordinance to keep the pet up to date on all its shots. Adopter agrees that the dog will be kept on heartworm prevention and receive annual Health check and rabies vaccinations.
  • 4. Care: Dogs are not allowed to be tethered or chained as a means of confinement. Dogs are to be exercised in a fenced area or on a leash daily. Dogs are not allowed to live outside only, fenced yard or otherwise. Dogs are not free to roam at any time. Dogs are not to be left in a crate for longer than 8 hours a day. I agree that my adopted animal with not be left on a chain, cable or runner unattended for any length of time, due to the risk of the animal’s well being. I agree that I will provide shelter for my adopted animal at all times. I understand that adequate shelter must protect my animal from all types of weather. I agree to supply my adopted animal with adequate food, water and veterinary care at all times.
  • 5. Updates : Adopter agrees to provide updates via texting or social media If you have a facebook please request to be a part of our group for fosters and adopters 🙂 In the search bar type: Fosters & Adopters of Caitlin's Vine Of Bravery
  • 6. Home visits: Caitlin’s Vine Of Bravery reserves the right to perform scheduled or non- scheduled post adoption home visits to ensure the animal is happy, fitting into the adoptive home and living under the terms of the adoption contact, if animal is found living outside or in poor condition the animal will be seized immediately.
  • 7. Proper introduction: I agree and understand that if I have any other pets in my household to adhere to and follow the strict explanation of the “ proper interaction” procedure and acclimation of new pets to prevent any tragedy that may result if not followed, to insure the safety of your house- hold pets and or person or persons in your household and our dog you are adopting while in your care, as we are not responsible for any damages or harm to your pets, yourself, and or person or per- sons in your household. We cannot stress enough the importance of following our “ Proper Intro- duction “ procedure, for the safety of your family, friends pets and ours.
  • 8. Transport: I agree if I am transporting this pet anywhere away from home, I will have a proper leash/ hardness and collar on the pet with a rabies tag or copy of current rabies certificate and iden- tification. I also agree to never under any circumstances transport this pet outside of the interior ve- hicle, such as a bed of a pick up truck, or trailer because of how dangerous it is.
  • 9: Reservation of Rights: Caitlin’s Vine Of Bravery reveres the right to follow up on adopted animal during its lifetime. It is understood if the adopter misrepresents, falsifies information to ob- tain an animal, and doesn't follow all of these adoption requirements that Caitlin’s Vine Of Brav- ery reserves the right to terminate this adoption contract, and immediately confiscate the adopted animal without warning.
  • 10. Termination of adoption : If you return your adopted dog after your week trial is up the adop- tion fee is not refunded. If you return your adopted dog within the week trial then half of your adopt tion fee is refunded. If for any circumstance you cant keep your dog you are to notify us immediately and foster your dog until we can find a foster home or new adopters.
  • I understand that by adopting this animal I am taking full responsibility for this animal and I am bound by the mandatory spay/neuter date. I understand that failure to to spay/neuter an adopted animal may result in citation or a warrant. I understand that I must return a copy of this contract signed by my veterinarian by the given date with a copy of proof of spay/neuter. If I do not provide proof that my adopted animal has been spayed or neutered I will be cited and have to appear in court for this ordinance violation.
  • I understand that I must abide to all county ordinances, not only those listed above. I understand that by signing this document I am acknowledging that I have read and understand all of the above requirements and information and that I/We comply with all the terms. I hereby accept the animal as-is and assume all risks and responsibility for expenses including any future veterinary expenses associated with the animal. I herby fully and completely release, indemnify and hold harmless Caitlin's Vine Of Bravery, its directors, volunteers, and employees from any claim, cause of action or liability of any sort, wether direct or indirect, arising out of or in connection with this animal.

After you have submitted our application back to us and it has been accepted, we will call and schedule either a home visit or a meet and greet. Once the home visit is approved we will work with you to help choose the perfect dog for your family, or schedule a time to meet the one you are wanting. If you decide its not a good fit we can try and match you to another who would possibly be a better fit for you and your family. We offer a 7 day trial run with your dog so we can ensure that it is the best fit for your home and family. If you choose to return the dog and cancel your contract, half of the adoption fee will be returned and half will be kept as a donation where we can provide a tax receipt. 

Try to be patient with us. We understand that the adoption process may take time, but we are unpaid and run completely by volunteers. We do this process to assure that everyone ends up in the best situation possible.