Adopted Dogs


Princess was scheduled to be euthanized at our local kill shelter. They were putting her down because she was fear aggressive and they couldn’t find a rescue. Princess was beaten and abused by her past owners and spent over 3 weeks on an apartment balcony with no food or water. The neighbors would throw food over the balcony to feed her until animal control finally went and picked her up. When I picked her up she was nothing but skin and bones. She has gained over 40 pounds with us. It’s amazing how far she has come. She is hesitant with new people but we’re working on her trust and anxiety.




Daisy was on the soon to be euthanized list after being hit by a car and breaking several bones and her pelvis. She spent almost 2 months locked up in a cage in the shelter suffering and in pain. When I rescued her I Immediately took her to the best surgeon in town to get the FHO surgery that she needed. He said that the bone was already starting to heal and the scar tissue grew around it. He recommended we put her on bed rest for two months to see if that helps and miraculously it did. She didn’t need the surgery but she still suffers from arthritis and joint pain. She is our very first therapy dog and would love to come visit you in the hospital, nursing home, etc…

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Cain was brought to us with severe abuse and neglect. He was very under weight and acted like he hadn’t seen food in weeks. He was very timid and shy so I’m sure he was hit and abused most of his life. He is still shy with new people and fast movements but he opens up really fast. Someone poured acid all over his back that ate away at his skin and backbone. He is healing so well and is looking better and better each day.











Gratia was hit by a car and needed FHO surgery because her pelvis was out of socket. She spent months in the shelter until she was rescued. She is such a happy and playful girl and we were able to find her an amazing home.













Buddy was found roaming a walking trail. The person who rescued Buddy followed him back to his house where he met the owners. They said how it was their sons dog and he does not take care of him and they can’t afford to. He was covered in ticks and fleas and had a severe eye infection. The owners surrendered him over and he was immediately taken to the vet and into surgery to repair his eye. Buddy is now all healed and living a very happy life.















Bella was found as a stray with a broken leg. I don’t even want to imagine how that happened. She is now safe and healing in her new home.
















Goofy was one of the death row dogs pulled from Clayton County. Beautiful and sweet dog enjoying his new home.













Hailey was another death row dog and now loves her new family and sister.















Kate spent about 4 months in the shelter until she finally got rescued and into her new forever home.















Billy absolutely loves his new home with his little 5 pound brother Whiskey. They are already best friends