Before applying to become part of our foster program, please read the foster policies and requirements.

Foster polices & Requirements.

Foster Application


  • If you are interested in more than one please list them all
  • Fosters who contact us wanting to foster a dog straight out of the shelter only!!!

    Dogs straight out of the shelter need vetting. These rules only apply to people who contact us wanting to foster a dog that is at the shelter and not already in our program.
  • Most all of our dogs are completely vetted before going to a foster home. The only time they are not vetted is when a foster contacts us wanting to pull a certain dog. If you are wanting to pull a certain dog then you will need to be able to bring him/her to our vet partners. Depending on the area you live in their are some other alternative vets.
  • The link can be found on our website under the tab adoption.
  • ( Some dogs may be different depending on how much we know about them, their background and if they came from the shelter or not )
  • Alpharetta, Griffin, Conyers, Duluth, Lifeline

  • References

    Please list 3 references who are not related to you:
  • Please be mindful with borrowing our things. Once the dog is adopted or if you decide to adopt your foster dog we expect all of our items we let you borrow while fostering to be returned.

Once submitted you must print the contract out and sign it. Please email it to us at for the foster process to be complete.