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This sweet girl broke her femur and her owners took her to the vet. We are unsure how their 9 month old lab broke her femur in the first place. Once they were told that she needed surgery they told the vet that they rather have her euthanized, but it gets more heartbreaking. They didn't even want to pay to have her euthanized. Their exact words, " We will take care of it when we get home. " The vet told them they had two options, either pay to euthanize her or surrender her to them. An adopter who works at the vet called us asking if we could take her. She had hours to find a rescue before the vet would eventually have to euthanize her. We couldn't let this poor girl suffer and die because her old parents didn't care about her or love her. 

This is why we need your help. Everyone wants us to rescue dogs before we have a foster in place or donations. We have done that before but it resulted in our dogs spending months in boarding and zero donations for their care. We can't always do that but in this case, we had no choice. We need you to donate to help pay for her surgery bill. We need you to apply to foster. She will be staying in boarding at the vet until a foster home is ready for her. Please donate her care so we can be able to save more dogs that need our help. Any little amount adds up and helps us tremendously. We thank you for all of your support and help! 

$870 of $1,500 raised
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Donation Total: $10

Things you can donate: 

  • A comfy bed for when she is on bed rest.
  • A  collar and a leash
  • Dog toys and treats

Sponsor Cleo

This is a sponsorship in support of one of our rescue dogs care. This donation will go towards collars, leashes, food, toys, treats, bones, and heart worm preventative. Any funds not needed for the care of this dog will go to the care of another one of our rescues.

Personal Info

Donation Total: $10

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