Foster Requirements: 

To be an approved foster you must:

  • Submit our foster application and sign our contract 
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Send us a copy of your license
  • Receive a home visit

Foster Policies & Information: 

  • must follow our policies and procedures
  • must follow our 2 week decompression rule ( unless stated otherwise )
  • respond within a day to our texts, calls, emails
  • All private pets must be up to date on all vaccines, rabies and fixed.
  • Respect our crates, if you borrow them you must return them in good condition
  • Return everything we let you borrow once your foster dog is adopted. 
  • If any information changes you must submit a new foster application
  • Foster dogs are not to be given away or to keep. Every adoption of a dog in foster care MUST go through the adoption process. Fosters receive $50 off the adoption fee if they decide to adopt their foster dog.
  • Foster dogs must be separated from all pets for the first two weeks of their decompression period. Slow introductions must follow after that.
  • Fosters must be willing to keep their foster dog separated from their other pets if when needed.
  • Fosters must either agree to foster until the dog is adopted or give us a time frame of how long they will be able to foster.
  • A 20 day notice is mandatory for fosters who commit to fostering the dog until adopted. A fine will be issued to help cover the costs for boarding if we don't have enough notice. ( some exceptions of course may apply ) 
  • A 10 day notice is mandatory for fosters who can no longer foster the dog. A small fine will be issued to help cover the costs for boarding if we do not have enough notice.  ( Some exceptions may apply )
  • Most our dogs are already vetted before entering a foster home. If one isn't we would need the dog to come to our vet locations. ( Alpharetta, Griffin, Conyers, Duluth ) —You are welcome to bring your fostered dog to your veterinarian of choice if they allow rescue discounts, however we will not be able to reimburse for medical expenses incurred at another vet if its more expensive than the ones we work with. If the foster coordinator and foster agree on a certain vet and price then we will pay the difference in the costs.
  • It would be helpful if foster parents could do home checks and meet and greets for the potential adopter but is not required.
  • Foster parents may bring their foster dog to our adoption events. We will notify you when they are. This isn't required.
  • Foster parent must discuss with the foster coordinator on exactly what is needed before the vet visit so nothing is added.

— If the foster takes their foster dog to the vet and does not consult the foster coordinator on anything extra added to the bill then he/she will have to pay the difference.

  • If the foster does not follow our two week decompression rule and the foster dog gets hurt, the foster is responsible for paying for the vet bill.
  • Foster must provide the foster coordinator copies of records regarding all veterinarian care a foster animal receives. They will have to hold onto the paperwork to either mail us or give back at some point.
  • Your foster dog must wear an ID tag on its collar at all times.
  • Please do not change your foster dogs name. It is very confusing for them especially since once they are adopted they will then be given a different name.
  • Please be mindful with borrowing our things. Once the dog is adopted or if you decide to adopt your foster dog we expect all of our items we let you borrow while fostering to be returned. 

Foster To Adopt

  • Anyone fostering to adopt, must pay the adoption fee upfront before getting the dog.
  • Puppies are a $150 deposit and once they are 8 weeks old and ready to be fostered the adoption fee is due upfront. Half the adoption fee is only refundable within 1 week.

Foster To Adopt, ( Dogs in Boarding ) : Fostering to adopt is a great way to see if a dog is right for you before committing to adoption. If you wish to adopt a certain dog that is in need of a foster home or are wanting to take home a dog to see how it goes, you can Foster to Adopt.

  • You have 7 days to decide if you either want to adopt, foster the dog, or return the dog in exchange for a different dog that might be a better fit. During those 7 days that dog will still be advertised as needing a foster or adopter. Within those 7 days you have first priority over the dog if you wish to adopt. If there are other adoption applications for the dog, we'll ask that you make a decision about whether you want to move forward with adopting. If the answer is "yes," then you'll just need to pay the adoption fee and sign the adoption contract.
  • The dog will either be brought to you during the home visit or you will have to be pick the dog up at our boarding facility after the home visit.
  • If you decide to not keep the dog, you must take the dog back to the boarding facility.
  • Half the adoption fee will be paid upfront as a deposit and the other half paid after the adoption is finalized.
  • If within the 7 days you feel that the dog is not the perfect fit for you and your family then the money will be returned to you. If you want to bring home another dog for a trial, then we will hold onto it.
  • If after the 7 days you tell us you wish to adopt but then back out, the deposit fee will be kept as a donation.
  • If after the 7 days you tell us you only want to foster but then back out without giving us 10 days notice, then we will also keep the deposit as a donation.
  • If you are wanting to foster or adopt a dog that is in boarding, but not sure which one, you may bring one home for the night and continue to do so until you have decided which one is the perfect fit.