Lilly was shot just because she was a pit bull. Read her story below and with every purchase on Hendrick & Co they will donate to help with her medical care.

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Lilly's Story


This story is heartbreaking. Lilly is a pocket pittie born on Christmas Day 2015. She was rescued from an animal shelter only to be once again given away and brutally abused by the neighbors. We are so angry. Her owner surrendered her to Caitlin’s Vine Of Bravery in fear Lilly would be killed. Then rescuers discovered she was shot in her chest barely missing her lung and the bullet exited out of her lower chest, another one hit centimeters away from her Femoral artery exiting out through her lower leg, and another grazed her underarm. 4 holes total!

Lilly's Neighbors believe that all " pit bulls " are bad and basically bullied her and shot at her many times before. They believe that they all are vicious and will turn on you at any second and didn't want her living next door to them. They have been trying to kill Lilly and this time they were almost successful! The stories do not add up as everyone's trying to protect themselves, but the law in Georgia does not permit anyone to shoot a pet! They are considered property and therefore it should have been handled through communications without any violence and police should be involved if needed.

Caitlin, founder of CVOB, was told that Lilly killed a goat and the goat owner shot her but after speaking with the goat’s owner he claims he did not shoot Lilly but the neighbor on the other side did because she attacked them also. Again, none of their stories are adding up. This is an example of what we are up against as animal rescuers.

This info was given to volunteers minutes after calling Lilly's owner and letting him know the Emergency Vet called the police to file a report. Now we are focused on Lilly and giving her the best care possible.

She amazes us with her strength and toughness through everything she has endured.