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1/2 We were told that Lulu couldn't breath outside of the oxygen cage and would need to be in it for about 10 days. Well that adds up to about 15k which we just couldn't afford to do. We found oxygen to be able to take her home with it but the doctor would not write us a prescription for it. We searched everywhere for portable oxygen but couldn't find any. We ended up taking the risk by transporting her to our vet for a second opinion and one last attempt to save her. She has been breathing just fine and she even ate for us. We have started her on new medications and hoping she will be able to start oral medication with her food tomorrow. 


1/3 Lulu had a rough day. Her cough is a little more persistent and her nose is stuffed up so she can only breathe through her mouth. She didn't want to eat any food so she spent the day at the vet receiving her medication through her catheter. We did more X rays and her pneumonia looks worse. Her collapsed trachea is about 50-60% collapsed now. Comparing it to the other X ray taken the day we saved her it has collapsed about 10% more precent. The problem with a collapsed trachea is that you want to suppress the cough so they don't aggravate and cause the trachea to collapse even more. With pneumonia, you don't want to suppress the cough because you want them to cough all the gunk out. 


1/4 We waited until 3 pm to see if Lulu would eat. She wouldn't so she's back at the vet receiving her medication. Her cough seemed to be a little bit better than yesterday. She isn't breathing through her mouth as much but her nose is still very stuffy. 


1/9 - Lulu was released from the hospital today. She was able to eat on her own and was doing a lot better. 


Lulu is doing so amazing. She scarfs all her food down, she loves to roll around and run around outside. 

Lulu is doing so well. She has enjoyed hanging out with the other dogs and relaxing by the fire. We are amazed by her recovery and so thankful she fought and survived. She still has a cough but the cough is related to her partially collapsed trachea. She will probably need to stay on medication to help with that for the rest of her life. We are still hesitant about removing her hernia since she has heart disease. We don't want to put her under anesthesia since her heart murmur is so progressed. We will discuss that at our follow up appointment. Thank you everyone for keeping Lulu in your prayers and helping by donating to her care.