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RUSTY ( American Staffordshire Terrier, 1 year )

Rusty is a beautiful 1 year old boy we call a Gentle Giant.  Not only handsome but a very sweet and calm boy. He is great with kids and other dogs with proper introductions. He is neutered and up to date on all vaccines. We had a little scare with him at an event and learned that Rusty is allergic to what the vet believes was a bee sting or scorpion bite.  He went into Anaphylactic Shock. He has not had another episode since then and has had no problem being outside around all insects. (thinking it was a scorpion since we have not seen any of those at our house).  Rusty will still need a very responsible owner that can always carry an epipen and benadryl around if he needs it to be extra safe. We have not had any episodes in the 6 months we have had him but better to be safe than sorry.  Rusty loves to jump up and give hugs when greeting you, but also knows the word NO and will sit when it’s used. He loves attention and gets excited. Keep in mind his size if you have small children. He is still a puppy so needs chew toys or bones to keep him occupied. Rusty is a love bug and would love a family to call his own. Playing outdoors, going on walks and cuddling are his favorite past times.

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This is a sponsorship in support of one of our rescue dogs care. This donation will go towards collars, leashes, food, toys, treats, bones, and heart worm preventative. Any funds not needed for the care of this dog will go to the care of another one of our rescues.

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Personal Info

Donation Total: $10

Hi my name is Rusty. After 4 months I have finally found a foster home. Even though I like to chase the cats, we are making it work. I can’t wait until I find my furever home. I have gone through a lot and have had many surgeries and medical emergencies. Thankfully I am fully recovered and as happier as ever now that I have a new foster sibling to play with. If you could help donate to help catch my rescue mom up on her bills that would be awesome.